Is your conservatory your favourite room in the house – or has it become a dark space used more for storage than living? The cold and damp winters can take their toll on conservatories – but at Driscoll Cleaning we know how to brighten them up, wash away the winters grime and make them the centre of your home again!

Our pure-water cleaning system is the perfect tool for cleaning conservatory roofs. The telescopic carbon fibre poles are long enough to reach to the top of most roofs without needing ladders, and the specially designed brush heads help scrub into all the nooks and crannies. Because a constant spray of ultra-purified water is flowing through the brush while we are cleaning, all the moss, lichen, dust and dirt gets gently washed away as we go.

For extreme cases we also have some specialist detergents available. These pet-safe, plant-safe, non-caustic cleaners help dissolve baked on lichen and algae so that even the most neglected conservatory roofs can sparkle like new again.

We don’t just clean the roof panels though – the decorative white roof finials, the UPVC framework, the gutters, fascia, soffit, and right down to the windows, frames and sills – we can clean it all and restore the sparkling white you remember, leaving the light back into your home again.

We have over 20 years’ worth of experience cleaning all types of conservatories all across the Chelmsford area. We’ve even cleaned a few greenhouses and an orangery or two in our time, so you can be confident that we have the knowledge and skills to undertake the task no matter how big or awkward it may be.

For an example of our work, take a look at the photos above and below. You can see that our cleaning methods avoid climbing up onto the roof & potentially causing damage, everything is cleaned carefully with our water-fed pole system. Even where it wasn’t possible to directly reach one side of the conservatory due to the kitchen extension built next to it, we could stand on ladders at the edge of the roof & reach over to clean with the pole, avoiding walking on the roof completely.

The job took nearly 3 hours to complete including the house windows, and turned out amazing. Our clients were impressed with the results as well as how fast and easy it was to clean it using our professional equipment.

We offer professional conservatory cleaning services throughout the Chelmsford area, including Great Waltham, Little Waltham, Ford End, Great Dunmow, Great Leighs, Braintree, Little Baddow, Great Baddow, and everywhere in between!

Contact us today and find out how our services could transform your conservatory roof. Our friendly team are waiting for your call!