Expert solar panel cleaning maximises efficiency and power output

Solar panels have brought about a revolution in how we access power. The return on investment is brilliant, but did you know that, like most parts of a building that is at the mercy of the weather, they need love and attention?

Dust and other substances can build up overtime. Bird droppings can be a problem. So can oily residue if you happen to be near an airport or major motorway. Layers of grime can lead to less efficiency, impacting on the amount of energy generated. Unfortunately, the muck doesn’t need to cover the entire panel to affect output.

Solar panel cleaning: ‘Do It Yourself’ or call a professional?

Generally speaking, ‘Do It Yourself’ isn’t something your should consider when it comes to solar panel cleaning.
If you do decide to try ‘Do It Yourself’ think seriously about the safety issues involved first:
Depending on where your panels are located you may have to access your roof to reach them – and for this you will need to get hold of proper access & safety equipment because a roof can be a dangerous place. Mixing water and electrical equipment is also very dangerous – so make sure you have the knowledge and training needed before attempting this task.

When is it best to clean solar panels?

Choose an overcast day and clean your panels either first thing in the morning or late afternoon. Early morning is a good time as the dew will have softened the dirt making it a little easier to clean.
If the panels are dry, brush off any loose materials first – this will make cleaning easier and faster.

• Don’t use detergents or abrasive cleaners that will streak and scratch.

• Don’t use hard water, you will be left with mineral build up on the panels as they dry.

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