High quality without high prices!

Great quality does not always have to come with great cost.

Here at Driscoll Cleaning Service we work hard to be the best window cleaner in Chelmsford & Broomfield (and the surrounding areas). We offer amazing deals on regular monthly window cleaning, with prices that suit your family’s budget. So, if you are looking for an expert window cleaning service and you live in Broomfield, Felsted, Chelmsford, Little Waltham, Little Baddow, The Easters, The Chignals, Roxwell, Writtle, Rainsford, the Rodings, or any of the surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to give Driscoll Cleaning Service a call to take care of your window cleaning needs.

We here at Driscoll Cleaning Service have spent the last 20 years building a business based on YOU. We know your need reliable service, with zero hassle and fuss – and we deliver! Our regular monthly window cleaning works like clockwork all year round. Your windows will sparkle regardless of the season!

Our team use the water-fed-pole cleaning method  for cleaning the majority of windows. We believe it’s the safest option for our employees, as well as high-quality window cleaning for you. This method allows us to reach high & awkward windows with ease and without ladders. Instaed of ladders we use long carbon-fiber poles to reach the glass. Ultra-purified water streaming through a soft brush at the top of the pole washes your windows to a crystal clear shine.

How do we do that, you ask? Regular tap water is known to leave marks and streaks on your windows when it dries. We use purified water instead so that there are no impurities to cause streaks when it dries. This means that after our first visit, your windows should be crystal clear! If they are not, please call us right away and we will come back and re-clean them until they are to your satisfaction.

In that last 20 years, we have learned a lot about what it takes to keep our business thriving. The number one thing we have learned is that in order to keep our doors open, we have to keep our customers not only satisfied, but also wanting us back time and time again. That is why if you feel there is something we can improve on, we want to hear it and will not hesitate to work hard until there is a smile on your face.

To contact us and speak with one of our friendly and professional customer service representatives, please call us at 01245 360 540 or 07941 776705. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote or more information about Driscoll Cleaning Service! Please do not hesitate to call, as we are standing by and ready to speak with you.